He is Risen!

Learn what love and sacrifice truly mean.

Chris defiantly refuses to obey his mother—until he meets a Son who is willing to obey His Father, even if it means death! Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo—along with Chris’s mother, Phoebe—to Jerusalem, where they meet Mary and her Son, Jesus. Witness the obedience and suffering that led Jesus to the cross, and the mighty power of God the Father who raised Him from the dead! The children learn what love and sacrifice truly mean. Note: To be biblically accurate, the videos in this course depict Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. Be sure to preview the videos, as this scene may be too intense for some children. We have endeavored to present the story in the most accurate and sensitive way possible. Note that the Condensed Bible Story, Video 4, is not as intense. See additional video notes below.