Leader Guide

Drama Activity

Copy the Wordless Skit page—one copy for every two teams. Cut the page in half so each group gets one skit.

   Wordless Skits: Act out Jesus’ miracles.

Jesus performed amazing miracles in our Bible story. He miraculously provided wine, He healed people, and He fed a large crowd by performing another miracle. In this activity, we will meet in groups and act out the different scenes.

Create groups of 4 to 6 children. Mix older and younger boys and girls and also children who don’t normally sit or interact with each other. Give each team a Wordless Skit, either Skit #1 or Skit #2. Have them find an area of the room to meet and practice. Remind the teams that the skits are wordless, with no words allowed—only expressions, emotions or actions. They are not required to act out each bullet point. Give teams about five minutes to prepare. Have leaders roam around to assist with ideas and direction and to make sure all the children are included and given a chance to participate.

Have each team perform their skit for the group. Alternate between a #1 Skit and a #2 Skit. Lead the children in applause following each skit.

Optional: if time permits and children are interested, do as before, except each team will perform the other skit they didn’t do in the first round.