Leader Guide

Video Leader Guide

Select a video to have playing as children enter the Large Group room.Videos are under Resources on the top menu bar.

Have Small Group leaders greet the children as they enter the Large Group room and engage them in a game or conversation until time for Large Group to begin.

Welcome (1 min–3 mins)

Hello, everyone! Guess what . . . today is a special day. Does anybody know what it’s called? Children respond. Palm Sunday! Today we will learn why it’s called Palm Sunday and what’s so special that we’re celebrating.

So let’s start with our first video. I should let you know that Chris Quantum is acting. . . pretty weird. And so are some of the Pharisees. Take a look and see if you agree!

PLAY VIDEO: Palm Sunday: Chris and Joy’s Dilemma(3 mins)

Palm Sunday: Chris and Joy’s Dilemma