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Bible Story

Bible Story

Now let’s see the rest of the story. Hang in there for the happy ending!

PLAY VIDEO: Easter Sunday: Bible Story(17 mins)

Easter Sunday: Bible Story

For younger students:

Easter Sunday: Bible Story—Alternate(9 mins)

Easter Sunday: Bible Story—Alternate

WRAP UP(3 mins)

He is risen! Lead the students in saying, “He sure is risen!” Stand up and say that with me a couple of times! Lead the students in doing this a couple of times, then have them sit again.

Yes, He is. And isn’t that great news? You see, it means that we can trust Jesus. He said He would be put to death and He would come back to life on the third day, and He did. By doing what He said, it shows us that He tells the truth. It shows us we can trust Him.

He also said He was the Son of God sent to save us from our sin. We can trust Him on that, too. Do you remember when they came to arrest Him in the garden?

(Optional) VIDEO CLIP: Jesus Knocks Down the Mob (15sec)

Jesus Knocks Down the Mob

The man said, “So you’re the one,” and Jesus told him, “I am He.” Did you see what happened? When Jesus said those words, the people were knocked back onto the ground. Jesus had the power to stop them from arresting Him, beating Him, and crucifying Him—just by speaking.

But He didn’t stop them. Why? Because (SuperTruth) Jesus came to create a path to forgiveness—for everyone who believes in Him. He beat death itself, and we can too if we believe in Him.

Easter is not about Jesus dying on the cross; it’s about the life Jesus gives us when we believe in Him.