Leader Guide

Video Leader Guide

Select a video to have playing as children enter the Large Group room.Videos are under Resources on the top menu bar.

Have Small Group leaders greet the children as they enter the Large Group room and engage them in a game or conversation until it is time for Large Group to begin.

WELCOME (1 min)

Hello, everyone! We're glad you came back to see us today. Speaking of coming back to see us, today we’re going to learn a little about what happened after Easter—when Jesus came back to life. But first, did you know that everything in the Bible is really about one thing? Can anyone guess what that one thing is? Children respond.

Jesus! He is what the whole Bible is about. And when Jesus died on the cross, it wasn’t the end of the story . . . it was the beginning of a whole new story. Take a look at this video and see if you agree.

PLAY VIDEO: Ascension: Bible Background(5 mins)

Ascension: Bible Background