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Video Leader Guide

Select a video to have playing as children enter the Large Group room. Videos are under Resources on the top menu bar.

Have Small Group leaders greet the children as they enter the Large Group room and engage them in a game or conversation until time for Large Group to begin.

Hello and welcome! Today, we begin a new Superbook adventure titled “Love Your Enemies.” Have you ever been in a crowd and been separated from your family or friends? How did you feel? I panicked; it made me nervous and afraid.


The good news is that no matter where we are or what we do, there is someone who we can never, ever be separated from! We will learn more about that a little later. But first, Chris is trying out for the all-star soccer team, and not everyone is happy about it! Let’s watch.                

Play Video 2: Chris and Joy’s Dilemma (4.5 minutes)

Chris and Joy's Dilemma

Chris is on the church’s soccer team and has a shot at making the regional All Stars. When he is harassed for being a Christian, he wants to fight back against his persecutors.

SuperTruth and Discussion (2 minutes)

Today’s SuperTruth is “Nothing can separate me from God.”

No matter what people do to us or what they think about our beliefs, it will never change the fact that we are God’s children, and He has a wonderful purpose for our lives. 

Let’s say today’s SuperTruth together: “Nothing can separate me from God.”        

Let’s see what happens with Chris—and also how Jesus and a faithful man of God named Steven dealt with the people who wanted to hurt and kill them.                  

Video 3: Bible Story and Resolution (19 minutes)

Bible Story and Resolution

*Caution: In following the biblical narrative, this video may be too intense for some children. Be sure to preview it before showing the class. You may also want the parents to see it before showing it to their children. If you wish to use a slightly less intense version, you may play the Condensed Bible Story (Video 4), followed by Chris and Joy’s Resolution (Video 8).  


First, Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to see that when Jesus is arrested, He is still willing to heal a soldier whose ear is cut off by Peter. Next, they see Jesus in agony on the cross, praying, “Father, forgive them.” Then they witness Stephen quoting Jesus' words of forgiveness as he is brutally stoned to death. The children learn to trust God when being mocked or persecuted. Returning to the soccer tryouts, Chris helps the boy who mocked him and has an opportunity to talk about Christ.

Video discussion

When people are mocked or even killed for their faith, that’s called persecution. What did Chris see on his Superbook adventure that changed his mind about getting even with Kane? He saw how Jesus and Steven were persecuted yet showed forgiveness.


What did Chris do that surprised Kane and the others at the soccer tryouts? He was kind to Kane and gave him an extra soccer ball so he could make one more shot to qualify for the All-Stars.  

Persecution and suffering were very common for Christians in Bible times, and it still happens today—in some places more than others. Yet no matter what people say about us and no matter what they do to us, it can never change our relationship with God. And as Chris saw, we must rise above it to show Jesus’ love to others

Play Video 10A: SuperVerse Graphic 1

Graphic loops 3 minutes without audio; turn off or freeze video after children repeat the verse.

SuperVerse Graphic 1

SuperVerse Discussion (1 minute)

Our SuperVerse today is Romans 8:39: 

Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that absolutely nothing can cause Jesus to stop loving us? Nothing we could ever do, nothing that comes into our lives, no failure, carelessness, or disaster will change His choice to love us. Jesus will love us in all circumstances, no matter what!   


Children will have more time to learn the SuperVerse in Small Group. If any children are not able to memorize the entire verse, be sure they understand its meaning.

Prayer and Send-Off (1 minute)

Dear God, thank You for giving us everlasting peace and security through Your Son, Jesus. There is no reason to fear or wonder about our relationship with You. Even when it seems like something has spun out of control, Your love remains sure and true. Help us shine Christ’s light for others to see. In Jesus’ everlasting and mighty name we pray, Amen.     


Can anything separate us from God and Christ’s love? No!


Sometimes people THINK that things can separate us from God, but that’s not true! In the Small Group game, it’s up to us to remove those obstacles in a unique way!  Let’s go do that now!   

Teachers take children to Small Group classes for Grades 1–3 and 4–6. If the combined group is small, all children may stay together for Small Group time.